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19 Sep

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Star Addresses Future of the Series

While he already had a number of projects under his belt, filmmaker Mike Flanagan’s breakout narrative came in 2018 with Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, a compelling blend of horror and drama that resulted in him developing a follow-up season, The Haunting of Bly Manor. The success of the debut season was so major that he secured a number of additional opportunities, including Midnight Mass, a series that prevented him from directing Bly Manor. While he hasn’t ruled out a third season, actor Kate Siegel, who has appeared in many of Flanagan’s projects, is happy to star in whatever project he lines up, even if it means no more seasons of The Haunting. Midnight Mass lands on Netflix on September 24th.

“As a horror fan, I always feel sad that I never got to watch a Mike Flanagan show, and so there is at least one, the next one [Midnight Club], that I’m taking a backseat and not being a part of because I want to watch them,” Siegel confirmed with ComicBook.com. “Frankly, I’ll travel with this circus anywhere it goes. If I get to work with these people and say these words and be a part of the Intrepid team and work with Netflix, it just seems like a really lucky place to be.”

Midnight Mass tells the tale of a small, isolated island community whose existing divisions are amplified by the return of a disgraced young man (Zach Gilford) and the arrival of a charismatic priest (Hamish Linklater). When Father Paul’s appearance on Crockett Island coincides with unexplained and seemingly miraculous events, a renewed religious fervor takes hold of the community – but do these miracles come at a price?


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