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Hello, everyone! I thought for a nice little flashback Friday post that I would share screencaps from Kate’s debut film The Curse of the Black Dahlia. Hope you all enjoy!

Hi, everyone! A few years ago Kate starred in a short film called Let’s Go Down. Recently, I was able to find it on vimeo, and I’ve uploaded screencaps from it. Hope you all enjoy!

Be sure to check out the film here:

LET'S GO DOWN from Phil Davis on Vimeo.

Hello, everyone! I know things have been pretty quiet with covid-19 shutting down productions and cancelling events. Yesterday, we received some good news that Midnight Mass was likely to restart production in August. However, I thought I would surprise all of you with screencaps from one of Kate’s earliest films Steam. I hope you all enjoy! If you’d like to see the movie, it is available for rent and purchase worldwide here.